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    Amnesia Hydro
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    Girl scout cookies
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    Gorilla Glue Hydro
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    DescriptionThe buds of Alien cannabis are a real feast for the eyes, characterized by a light and shiny green that captures attention. This vibrant color is accentuated by the presence of orange trichomes that delicately cover the flowers, creating a truly stunning visual effect. The harmonious combination of bright green and orange trichomes creates a vivid and breathtaking contrast, testifying to the exceptional quality of this strain. Each Alien flower is a masterpiece of precision and care, reflecting our growers' commitment to creating a product of the highest caliber.

    We are so happy to introduce you to our Amnesia!
    The buds produced by this sweet weed strain contain high levels of CBD.

    Both cannabinoids are present in good quantities in Amnesia. This strain provides a great smoke for both recreational and medical users.

    Purple undertones and frosty trichomes give way to a smell that’s rich with orange and lemon, with slight hints of berry. It has just a hint of a sour smell in the best way possible.

    Girl scout cookies tastes as good as you’d think, with a bit of an earthy sharpness upon exhale.

    Gorilla CBD maintains the earthy aroma of its parent strain, but the nuances define this strain. The earthy and pine notes are accentuated by subtle hints of diesel and chocolate, creating a complex and intriguing olfactory profile that attracts and engages.
    After the drying and conservation phase, the aroma evolves further, offering an intense and inebriating bouquet. The hints of citrus and pine are accompanied by spicy and earthy notes, creating an engaging olfactory experience.


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